Our real IMPACT_vol.2

IMPACT is expanding its good impact on uniting the sustainable fashion industry opened to everyone and professionals. And yes, we’ve been participating in this IMPACT since the 1st edition in last September.

So what can we say if these twice participation have affected the world or ourselves? I know it’s overambitious if we tried to achieve something great. I just want to say we’re trying to challenge opportunities that we hadn’t tried before, especially for this IMPACT.

Still our efforts are too weak to have a big good impact on the world. But it meant a lot us at least. To tell our stories to people of other cultures in unfamiliar language. To say it grandly, a big courage to tell our sincerity without concealing our inadequacy.

Regarding these great:) challenge and performance, here I’d like to introduce you briefly.

Brand Pitch

SUSTAINABLE fashionable ETHICAL poetical
Under this our slogan, I speak on how we could start OPEN PLAN 
and what we've been working for.

Podcast with Thegoodgoods

From our history to a dreamy collaboration, 
questions you might want to ask us. I talked with Victoire Satto 
of Thegoodgoods, the 1st media for sustainable fashion & lifestyle.
to The original episode
to the article on Thegoodgoods

SUSTAINABLE fashionable ETHICAL poetical

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