Happy featuring at Magazine HAPPY HOUSE

Happy  /ˈhæp.i/

adj. feeling, showing, or causing pleasure or satisfaction

Happiness is an important value to people who live today, perhaps in any era in the past, no matter what the word have been.

Are you happy today?

I found a book at my door on my way home. HAPPY HOUSE that I’ve interviewed a while ago has arrived.

Yes, I’m happy.

Waking morning up, I have breakfast. And read a book lightly. Lunch is nice and I design with singing along a music. After working, home yoga with youtube. Enjoy dinner prepared with all my heart and write few paragraphs for blog. Several minutes for favorite TV show and go to bed.

Appreciating my ordinary days

These days I’m listening to Bob Dylan again for our coming collection. And here I’m sharing one of his quotes. Happy day, friends!

Happiness is not on my list of priorities. I just deal with day-to-day things. If I’m happy, I’m happy… and I’m not, I don’t know the difference. Knowing that you are the person you were put on this earth to be… That’s much more important than just being happy.

Bob Dylan

SUSTAINABLE fashionable ETHICAL poetical

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