Our real IMPACT_vol. 1

IMPACT 2nd Edition is up.

17th to 20th January, 2020


IMPACT is a trade show which directly focuses on conscious fashion. Launched in last September, they took their following step in this January.

We, OPEN PLAN have participated in IMPACT since their 1st edition. Again, we brought 99% plastic free, 100% vegan collection. For this 2nd edition, we more focused on recycling and upcycling especially. Dead stock overproduced by other designer’s studios or fabric companies and nut button in greige are the main materials for this collection. We designed this under the theme of ‘Father’s Garden.’

In order to talk with visitors about UN’s SDGS (Sustainable Development Goals), we marked 12 goals what we’re trying to achieve.

In this edition, we were in the first row again. Also there was agora, where Talks and Parties placed, just in front of us.

We loved the agora welcomed people before booths, because I think communication and sharing were more important value for sustainable fashion in this era. Also the space changed its mood at night, for parties. Meaningful and joyful!

We always intend to use already produced materials rather than produce something newly for us. Not only for materials of clothing, but also for materials of business. We stamp our business cards on a used paper, for this time we brought boxes of fine-dust mask for our cards.

Below pictures are showing brochures for this IMPACT. We printed this season’s girl on our previous girls of SS19, who was printed on already recycled paper. We just let two seasons be together and I love the idea overlapped seasons. It made me to consider concept expanding, such as season-less, time-less, gender-less, and etc-less. And now this concept will be an important guide for me to design in the future.

The exhibition lasted four days. Buyers, marketers, manufacturers, consultants, stylists, models, and students, we met and talked to a lot of people. There was no distinction between country, race, or age of concern about sustainability. What are your concerns about this issue? Did you find any answers?

Particularly, we’ve been able to meet new opportunities and people in this period, and I’ll introduce these challenges to you in following post soon.

SUSTAINABLE fashionable ETHICAL poetical

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