[Article] Because we didn’t want to create trash | Joong Ang Ilbo, 20th Oct.

Hello, Is this Ok Sun?

An unknown phone number came to me

It was Yoo Ji Yeon, a reporter of Joong Ang Ilbo. She mentioned that they wanted to introduce OPEN PLAN, as she was impressed by my speech at Sustainable Fashion Summit Seoul (SFSS).

I had a short telephone interview with questions about what I was talking in SFSS and what she was particularly curious about from my speech. The interview was published on 20th Oct. and introduced intriguing narratives of brands that joined together in SFSS.

※ Original Article Link | https://n.news.naver.com/article/025/0002946080

"The trash we think is plastic. 
In an ecosystem that's interacting with each other,
plastic does not return to nature, and it stops the loop.
This is why we stop using plastic.
It's very simple idea."
"We try to design with 
no polyester, nylon,
and of course plastic, which were what we had been using
without thinking about. Now we have organic cotton,
lyocell and linen with botanical dyeing and nut button.
And this SS 20 collection is
plastic free 99 percent "

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