Good IMPACT on this planet, please

Recently, we could work with IMPACT for their editorial. And I’m going to share these with you first.

Photo | Florie Berger @florie_berger 
MU | Juliette Veljovic @juliette_veljovic
Model | Chloe @chloe_etnn

Which IMPACT are we trying to on the world?

Running on the highway, there was a long discussion with Hatch, our director, in the car. About the questions that have arisen recently after Hatch watched a documentary film by Stacey Dooley. The film was about water problems of fashion industry in Kazakhstan and Indonesia , but we could not be free. Because we knew it’s hard to say that was not my and my country’s problem.

Honestly, the more I discover and the more we know, the more questions and the farther from an answer I feel. Can our works really have a good IMPACT on the world? What can we do for this bitter reality? It’s a night counting my worries instead of sheep.

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