Helsinki Fashion Week still on going

A Fashion Week, taking the first step toward a new era


As you may know, Helsinki Fashion Week (HFW) is held in July. And it is the very first fashion week on Earth to showcase for not only coming season but sustainability. After this HFW’s main events during hot season, they had been traveling NY, London, Milan and Paris with a symposium tour.

For NY Fashion Week

The tour commences with a fashion installation titled “Connecting Fashion and Impacts,” presenting intriguing narratives of carefully selected international designers who successfully transcribe sustainability into the creative process of crafting garment. We, OPEN PLAN also was there for saying Sustainability.

The event moderated by Evelyn Mora, founder of HFW was focusing on “Sustainability and Cultural Influences.” And the talk was joined by Sara Kozlowski, Director of Education and Professional Development of CFDA, and Carry Somers, Founder of Fashion Revolution, and Tara St. James, Adjunct Professor from Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). The discussion emphasizes the importance of cultures in the progress of transforming the fashion industry into a sustainable one in a national, regional and international scope. 

Helsinki Fashion Week, 1st Sep. 2019

Spread the wings toward the world 🌍

During the exhibition, we went out to the street and spread our bodies out like birds. As long as we don’t stop taking a new step, we’re still young designer.

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