Fashion talks of city men, SEOUL FASHION RADIO

I’d like to introduce something interesting to watch for your drowsy afternoon. It’s SEOUL FASHION RADIO.


their talk on fashion and life style with Podcast <복싴남녀>, which was a predecessor of SEOUL FASHION RADIO, 5 years ago. And now they’ve risen their voices lively under a name of SEOUL FASHION RADIO through Youtube.

Few days ago, we OPEN PLAN was featured in their Part 32 Episode 3. <Wishlist, what we want to have these days> For this episode, they were talking about good things to buy for supporting local economy.

Here is a short clip of just OPEN PLAN highlighted. After watching this, you may be more interested in their talks. Please find a link for their Youtube channel in the end of this posting.

<OPEN PLAN, featured in Part 32 Episode 3 of SFR>

<Full Video of Part 32 Episode 3 SFR>

SUSTAINABLE fashionable ETHICAL poetical

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