[Vogue KOREA] Sustainable Fashion 2.0

Vogue, talking about OPEN PLAN and sustainable fashion

Keep an eye on this article for your curiosity about the current state of sustainable fashion. In addition to OPEN PLAN’s philosophy and Helsinki Fashion Week’s moves on sustainability, you could find a wide range of Korean and global sustainable fashion brands.

Previous sustainable fashions were more of a campaign than fashion. Rather than the clothing expected to fashion, it seemed more important to talk about environmental issues.

But these days, sustainable fashion is even more concerned about fashion itself, so that eco-friendliness naturally permeates fashion. Here are the ones who create wearable and fashionable style still based on sustainable materials and processes.


Looking at their beautiful lookbooks and pieces, it’s not easy to think that they are oriented toward a sustainable fashion that still carries some responsibility, such as eco-friendly or sustainability.

Lee Ok Sun, who was leading Outstanding Ordinary, started OPEN PLAN with the idea of ‘Just doing something good’ while experiencing daily environmental issues such as fine dust and separate garbage collection crisis.

They use linen, organic cotton, and ‘nut button’ that is extracted when ripen and fall to the ground. It is expected what OPEN PLAN will do in the future.

2020 S/S Helsinki Fashion Week

Helsinki Fashion Week encouraged the use of tumblers at backstage and provided kickboards that could be used to move around the venue.

In addition, they showed their eco-friendly move, with EcoLogicStudio installing Bio Curtain in the venue that made to produce oxygen using photosynthesis of algae.

<OPEN PLAN 2020 S/S Collection at Helsinki Fashion Week>

* For the whole article -> http://www.vogue.co.kr/?p=206244

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