What is a Timeless Design?

Let me know you first, I may have found a clue to the Timeless Design for Sustainability at Tate Modern and Natural History Museum.

” Keeping our designs simple and basic, not overpowering, we make stylish clothes for now and even years after, our clothes will still remain stylish.”


If I could design clothes that could be passed on to daughters, nephews, and even to our grandchildren, without easily throwing away! It’s the best hope I could achieve as a designer.

Timeless Design

What does timeless design have to be? Until recently, I thought that it had to be simple and basic so that people could enjoy clothes for a long time. So that it’s easier to meet the changing aesthetic for the times by minimizing the characteristic factors.

A clue at museum

I just went on a trip to London. Through the isolation of physical time and space from everyday life, traveling makes me see and feel things I haven’t seen before.

At that time, I was just beginning to read ‘THIS IS NOT A DRILL’ and waking up to Anthropocene and 6th mass extinction. With a lot of thoughts about extinction and conservation, I visited Tate Modern and Natural History Museum. One is a collection of modern art and one is a collection of species on Earth.

Maybe they’re all going to be delivered to our next generation.

What we love

At Tate Modern, I could see unique ideas of pioneers forward to time that had not yet arrived. Their philosophy, which had been agonized and expressed throughout their lives, shone even more in the face of long time.

Natural History Museum, filled with biodiversity through evolution, made me admire. Each creature that existed because of its own uniqueness seemed to be beyond the beauty of the world.

There’s something in common that everyone had become meaningful by expressing itself to its fullest extent. No reason for the same or imitated thing to be left. To be left, could I say that we need to approach the uniqueness of the zeitgeist from the perspective of maximalism, not from the minimalism? Maybe this is another direction of timeless design?

In my closet

What will I leave? Um,, my favorite brands, my mom’s hand-knitted sweater, wedding dress, and clothes that my friends gave me. I think the philosophies of the brands and the memories with people I love are important to me. What do you want to leave in your closet?

My job for sustainable fashion

Sorry that I cannot make a memory for you. Instead, I will try to maximize the uniqueness of OPEN PLAN with our zeitgeist. Also we will try to make you love.

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